May 24

Like Old Friends

We’re like old friends, right? You know the kind. The type that will call you after 3 years out of the blue, wondering how you’re doing. The type of friend you can easily catch up with despite the long period of silence, as if no time had ever past. That’s us, isn’t? Read More

Oct 26

Down But Not Out

A Match Made In Halo - Teammates For Life

‘… Its been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time…..”

It was important for me to write today, so here I am. I had no idea how to start this post, as is often the case, and that Led Zeppelin song just popped in my head, so we’ll go with that. Some of you might have wondered where we’ve been. It’s been a pretty insane year with ups and downs and several unexpected challenges.

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Mar 01

Robot Entertainment turns 4!

I was originally going to write a crazy love story between myself and Hero Academy, but this is just WAY cooler.

Robot Entertainment Turns 4

RE is celebrating their 4th Birthday this weekend! I think it’s fine time to help them celebrate it, too.

Take part in their Steam Celebrations that they’ve set up for us!

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Dec 24

Be Safe Out There

by Ryokea in AMMIH

With the holiday season upon us, we all face a now familiar foe. Tomorrow the carefully picked parcels that have been tucked away will be assaulted by the hands of a frenzied man, woman, or child. Each year, we gather round to celebrate our respective beliefs and each year is similar but unique all the same. Read More

Dec 02

I’m Fat And I’m A Gamer

Desirai Labrada

Did you think I wasn’t aware that I was overweight? That I’ve never looked in the mirror? That I’ve never gotten on a scale?

I’m currently 238 lbs, which is 12 less than I used to be. At my heaviest I was 254 lbs and it felt awful. It’s taken me quite a bit of courage to admit it, but I’m not ashamed. Do I wish I was thinner? Of course (carrying around this extra weight isn’t easy.) Do I want to be healthier? Absolutely. But I’m writing this post because I’m sick and tired of people making the association that I’m overweight because I’m a Gamer. Read More

Nov 12

Halo 4 Mythbusters: Episode 1

Can you reject an oddball pass with the hammer? Can you clash with a sword using the Flood claw? You ever wonder if you could do something particular, but never actually take the time to figure it out? Well the guys at DefendTheHouse are there for ya! Check out their first installment of their “Halo 4 Mythbusters” series.

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