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Aug 11

Help The Halo Couple Make It To PAX/Halo Fest 2011

Two 3 Day Passes to PAX Prime 2011? CHECK! A place to stay while in Seattle? CHECK! Airline tickets to Seattle? … {insert silence here} AIRLINE TICKETS TO SEATTLE?!?! …. {insert more silence here} PAX is quickly creeping up on us and we’re still unable to afford our plane tickets! AHHH! Normally, like last year […]

Jun 05

RvB + Child’s Play = Win

Child’s Play Charity has been a major contributor in helping children across the country, and now has reached across the GLOBE! Through gaming tournaments, donations, gaming community auctions, and other awesome events Child’s Play has helped raise over 5 million dollars in toys, games, books, and financial help for sick children in hospitals all over. […]

Mar 01

AMMIH on The Running Riot Podcast

Last Wednesday PsychoVandal and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kete from The Running Riot. The interview ran close to 2 hours with some minor technical difficulties, but that didn’t stop any of us from having fun.

May 19

Hawty Just Got Hotter

Having a Halo Themed Wedding comes with people assuming a lot of things about you. For instance that you’re a total fanboy and know EVERYTHING about Halo. Sadly (or happily?) this is not the case. Although I’m comfortable with the amount of Halo knowledge I’ve acquired over the years, the vast halo community was a […]