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Feb 05

Screenshot Sunday #106

“Stalker” by Mal90 on 11.11.2010

Jan 22

Screenshot Sunday #104

Today… We’re talking “Magic”! “Magic” by Cyber Connor on 10.09.2010

Jan 15

Screenshot Sunday #103

“Immortal” by Xx808RGARCIAxX on 12.26.2010

Jan 08

Screenshot Sunday #102

Let’s add a bit of color to this scene… “Redemption” by GlazZz ODST on 11.03.2010

Dec 25

Screenshot Sunday #100

Woo Hoo!!!! 100 Screenshot Sundays Down! and it landed on Christmas too! How awesome is that? Everyone knows the best gifts are the handmade ones that have Love as the main ingredient… So I’ve picked a few shots that were Forged with Love. “Christmas Morning” by Niko Oeyes on 12.24.2011

Dec 09

IMO: Halo:CE Anniversary Map Pack

I’m using this to start another trend here. “In My Opinion” will be popping up here when I want to give you guys my opinion. You care. Don’t lie. This IMO is coming to you on a special day and is brought to you by 343i; Climbing in your playlists and snatching your Reticule Bloom […]