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Jan 11

Halo Wedding Couple Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

So folks, our 1-year Anniversary is right around the corner…yeah I know, quick wasn’t it? Anyway, We would like you to help us celebrate it! Here’s the deal. We are hosting a Screenshot Contest. I think this is going to be fun… Theme = “A Match Made In Halo’s 1st Anniversary,” of course. We want […]

Sep 30

Win It Wednesday #1: PAX Swag

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a weekly blog giveaway for quite sometime. Sadly, we never actually had anything to give away until now. I’m hoping this will change as Psycho and I attend more events. But anyway… lets get this thing rolling, shall we? The Prize: Toy Soldiers T-shirt: Large Pack of […]

Sep 14

Bungie’s PAX “Prepare to Drop” Panel

I was getting ready to write a really long detailed article about Bungie’s “Prepare to Drop” panel at PAX, but quickly realized it would be impossible to relay the hilarity that ensued. It’s much better if you just watch it for yourself. I believe there are 8 vids total. Without further ado…

Sep 10

PAX H1Nerd1

We’ve got a few PAX posts coming up for you later this week, including a blog giveaway. But first it seemed most important to address the fact that many PAX attendees have been coming down with the flu and other illnesses. If you or someone you know who attended PAX is feeling two or more […]